Sobre Talking galleries

Sobre Talking galleries
Anna Tamayo barcelona - 04/08/23

On June 26 and 27, the MACBA auditor hosted Talking galleries, the days dedicated to learning about new forms of expression and their fit in the art market, which we had the privilege of hearing from of the most expert voices, who presented us with a kaleidoscopic portrait of which we can identify and highlight a few aspects.

One is, without a doubt, the difficulty of these new expressive avenues to be anchored to a concrete support that becomes reliable over the years, thus offering collectors relative security of their perennial capacity. Another is the pedagogy that from the dealer/representative/institution/gallerist/etc. this language must be used, because it results in such innovative concepts that they often cause the speech it holds to be lost among the most striking and sterile stimuli.

It is sometimes, from this bare perception of a Virgil guiding the neophytes, from where one feels that incomprehension turns into disaffection on the part of an audience perplexed by the dizzying speed of paradigm shifts, thus paradoxically turning the initial interest in an absent understanding.

Other perspectives, on the subjects that were discussed in the presentations, draw some unexplored margins, an "unknown land", challenges that we must welcome with joy, because they are opportunities to amplify discourses, to distance or erase borders between disciplines or to establish new relationships between the object-subject.

Far from being something that can be circumscribed only to a thought, a famous quote or a reflection, it brings to mind a paragraph of Nietzsche's "The Last Man" relating to Thus Spoke Zarathustra: "'Once upon a time everyone was deranged ' – say the more subtle ones and blink." It is a wish that this openness becomes solid, leaving aside fireworks that easily turn the delusions into a barren cultivation field, instead of using these delusions creatively and in form rigorous, and thus became something fertile. May the blink be of dazzle and fascination before the immeasurable revolution blurring horizons and not of boredom toward something incomprehensible or inconsistent. May we blink absorbing sap rich in rigor that expands our look

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