Gallerist Pepa Quinteiro and artist Eulàlia Grau, Honorary Awards GAC 2023

Gallerist Pepa Quinteiro and artist Eulàlia Grau, Honorary Awards GAC 2023 Autor: Jessica Box
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bonart - barcelona - 13/04/23

The gallerist Pepa Quinteiro (Reus, 1963) and the artist Eulàlia Grau (Terrassa, 1946) have been awarded respectively the Honorary Awards for the Trajectoria - Fundació Banc Sabadell of the GAC Awards 2023. The Galeristes Associats de Catalunya give in this way its highest recognition to the director of Anquin's Galeria d'Art de Reus, who this year commemorates her fiftieth anniversary, and to an artist who stands out for having explored various disciplines and as a standard bearer of new plastic languages and new expressive techniques. The award-winners will receive their respective distinctions on the Gallerism Night, which this year takes place on June 13 at the Macba.

The jury of the GAC Awards recognizes with the Honorary Trajectory Awards the career and footprint of these "two figures of reference in the world of art in Catalonia". These two awards are, in fact, the two highest recognitions of the GAC Awards, which lead the association Galeries d'Art de Catalunya (GAC), with the collaboration of the association Art Barcelona.

In previous editions, honorary prizes have been awarded to well-known artists such as Jaume Plensa (2011), Antoni Muntadas (2014) and Fina Miralles (2021), and to renowned gallerists such as Artur Ramon Picas (2021), Chus Roig (2020) and Mariana Draper (2017).

In addition to the two Honorary Awards - Fundació Banc Sabadell, at Nit del Galerisme 9 other distinctions from the GAC Awards will be presented, which will be made public at the same event: to collecting, to criticism, to the media, to curatorship , to the best historic gallery exhibition, to the best gallery programming, to the emerging artist for the best gallery exhibition, to the established artist for the best gallery exhibition and to the mid-career artist for the best exhibition in gallery

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