"Màter" by Claudi Casanovas at the Garrotxa Museum

"Màter" by Claudi Casanovas at the Garrotxa Museum
bonart olot - 11/02/23

Sala Oberta 2 of the Museu de la Garrotxa hosts from February 11 to May 1 the exhibition Màter by ceramist Claudi Casanovas, one of Garrotxa's most internationally renowned artists.

In the exhibition you can see his latest creation: a series of five large-format sculptures accompanied by six etchings. The five ceramic pieces are the result of three years of work and are inspired by the mystical experiences (visions of the Virgin) that the Italian Àngela Volpini had for ten years.

Etchings (also large format) are prints made from pieces that, during the creation process, were discarded and not finished. Which explains and remembers the creative process of the work.

All the works of Claudi Casanovas always bring some element of innovation with respect to everything he has done previously, and this one is no exception. As a preamble to the exhibition, in the courtyard of the Hospice, three pieces from the Jardí de luna plena series created in 2015 have been installed. They are pieces that the artist defines as "emerging stones out of the earth , dense and introverted".

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