Es Baluard presents the individual exhibitions of Jorge Eduardo Eielson and Antònia del Río

Es Baluard presents the individual exhibitions of Jorge Eduardo Eielson and Antònia del Río
bonart palm - 28/10/22

Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma presents individual exhibitions Jorge Eduardo Eielson. The vertical knot, first exhibition in Europe and co-produced with the TEA of Tenerife and Antònia del Río. Have the castle in your head, wear the castle in your body, opened to the public on October 27,

The vertical knot of Jorge Eduardo Eielson (Lima, 1924 – Milan, Italy, 2006), offers the opportunity to examine his artistic production from the late fifties to his last works. Eielson is one of the most important creators of the second half of the 20th century, with a career in which art and literature converge. In fact, one of its main features will be a conception of language from a conceptual point of view. A language that is structured from Quipus. The Quipus are a type of knot specific to the Andean culture, which had been used as a narrative and accounting system. Eielson questions the world we live in through a synthesis of graphic elements and cultural references. The exhibition recovers unpublished pieces and materials and presents, for the first time, some of its most important installations.

Curated by Imma Prieto, this project, retrospective and unprecedented in Europe, explores the relationship that the artist maintained with literature, especially poetry, and the visual arts incorporating a dialogue between pre-Columbian culture and Mediterranean mythology. The project conveys memory, writing and space, understood in relation to the idea of infinity.

For its part, Having the castle in your head, wearing the castle in your body is a project by Antònia del Río, curated by Pilar Rubí, which reflects on the social construction of the landscape, represented in the castle of Alaró. The result of a residence in the municipality, the artist conceptualizes the approach to an unknown place based on the story and the experiential and participatory fact, from a multidisciplinary work. Del Río investigates among the inhabitants what the fortification looks like and what images it generates to propose an itinerary of possible representations that includes, among others, drawings, paintings and digital reconstructions.

Imma Prieto, director of Es Baluard Museu and curator of the Jorge Eduardo Eielson exhibition, explains that "for the first time many key pieces of his career are being exhibited, works that come from private collections from all over Europe, and previously unknown materials from the Center for Eielson Studies, located in Florence. The exhibition allows us to retrace certain passages of his life, characterized by self-exile, in relation to his creation, both plastic and poetic. Eielson establishes a link between the world we know and that unknown universe, a universe that still hides hidden knowledge that, as he will emphasize, is infinite. The astral world will be understood as a space in which to recognize equality for men, even though it is still a distant stage close to utopia".

Pilar Rubí explains that "the formalization of Antònia del Río's project hints at the work process in which she deepens her lines of research: the transmission of knowledge and the connection between memory and forgetting. The artist's action adds to the dialogue between people of different generations and the place, which shapes a landscape that is also emotional".

The exhibition Jorge Eduardo Eielson. The vertical knot can be visited in Space A of the Museum from October 28 to April 2, 2023. While Antònia del Río. Having the castle in your head, wearing the castle in your body will be located in Space D from October 28 to January 29, 2023.

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