"Cosmogonia of movement" honors Núria Font, pioneer of video dance in Spain

"Cosmogonia of movement" honors Núria Font, pioneer of video dance in Spain
bonart girona - 25/10/22

Girona's House of Culture opens the Núria Font exhibition on October 25. Cosmogony of the movement, in an event that will be attended by the director of Territorial Services of the Department of Culture, Josep Calataiud, and the second vice-president and Deputy for Culture of the Girona Provincial Council, Albert Piñeira.

Núria Source Cosmogonia del moviment is an exhibition and a tribute to the pioneer of video dance in Spain, Núria Font, who played a decisive role in the dissolution of borders between visual arts, technology and dance. She was a pioneer of the art of video dance in Spain, as can be seen in her creative works (video art, video dance, video for the scene, documentary), in its part most linked to production ( festivals, television programs or research platforms) and in the field of teaching, collected in the exhibition. 2009 National Dance Award, in Girona he directed, from 2003, the VAD – International Video and Digital Arts Festival, which took place in the same Girona House of Culture.

Núria Font (Capellades, 1958-Girona, 2017) was one of the great professionals of this country, someone who in an altruistic and generous way fostered meetings and lasting collaborations in the world of dance, in that of the visual arts and in those alternative spaces and structures that are still permeable to constant experimentation and freedom. Many of the artistic collectives that still exist today owe their raison d'être to Núria's intuition.

In the eighties, very prematurely, he began his career in Barcelona by joining the Vídeo Nou - Community Video Service collective, where he met many of the most prolific creators of that time. Before coming into contact with the world of dance, he directed documentaries for TV3, TVE and Barcelona TV. Little by little she showed an interest in bodily and stage practices, especially dance, a language that ended up captivating her over the years. Proof of this are many of the audiovisual works that the great contemporary dance companies have done with her.
Together with the choreographer Àngels Margarit, he created pieces such as Subur 305, Ritual geogràfic and Estances, among others. With Cesc Gelabert, he collaborated on the installation Akeronte, and with the Mal Pelo dance collective, he made not only some works such as Ixa Paula, Canaan or Bach, but also a documentary about the group. Between 1984 and 2003 he was in charge of directing the Videodance Exhibition, which he made compatible with the introduction of various videodance programs in museums and art centers. Also, for eight years, he directed the Video Space at the Santa Mònica Arts Center and the electronic arts and video creation biennials between 1998 and 2002. From 2003 he directed the VAD - International Video and Arts Festival Digitals de Girona, which takes place in the same House of Culture of Girona.

Cosmogony of movement is also a vindication of her legacy as a pioneer of video dance in the State. His "serious, risky and forceful" trajectory is still waiting to be evaluated.

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