Adrià Gamero and the "Construction of a mock-up", at the House of Culture in Girona

Adrià Gamero and the "Construction of a mock-up", at the House of Culture in Girona

The exhibition "The construction of a simulacrum", by the artist Adrià Gamero Casellas, is the second of the two projects selected in the last call for Traveling Exhibitions and the one corresponding to the eighteenth edition of this cycle organized by the Province of Girona. The exhibition was inaugurated in the exhibition hall (ground floor) of the House of Culture of the Diputació de Girona and can be visited until October 8. A House of Culture that is in the middle of a restructuring process, since the Foundation that manages the entity has been dissolved and there are many doubts about the model to follow.

With the project "The construction of a simulation", Adrià Gamero seeks to reflect on the territory and the images that represent it, placing emphasis on the landscape and on the very creation of the image. Existing methods of image reproduction and consumption play an important role in his creative process, from photography, digital printing, engraving techniques, etc. to digital platforms. Gamero Casellas manually reproduces the creation of images from a digital context, starting from a blank material, such as a wooden board or paper. He looks for methods to transcribe on a physical medium the languages from the digital world and, in a conscious way, slow down the gestation time of the image, as well as its subsequent consumption. The aim of the process is to build a new representation in which the language of the techniques used and their limitations reformulate the image.

The result are works that want to question the way we look at the country and its landscapes, how we represent it and how we intervene in it. The new visibility that the landscape acquires challenges the official narratives and the collective imagination. The exhibition was accompanied by a pamphlet with texts by Gamero himself and the publisher of bonart, Ricard Planas.

The author: Adrià Gamero Casellas

Adrià Gamero Casellas was born in 1988 in Olot. He currently lives and works between Barcelona and Olot, where he develops his artistic practice. He graduated in fine arts from the University of Barcelona (UB), where he now teaches. He has also completed, at the same university, the master's degree in Artistic Production and Research.

In 2016, after graduating, he decided to dedicate himself to artistic production. Since then he has continued his training in the world of engraving and image construction, two important axes in his work. He has done stays and residencies at centers such as Fabra i Coats - Fàbrica de Creació, the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró de Mallorca or Tinta Invisible Edicions.

Thanks to his artistic career, he has exhibited in different galleries, museums and artistic and cultural centers in the country, such as the Cultural Center La Mercè, in Girona; the Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona; the Garrotxa Museum, in Olot; the Maristany Art Center, in Sant Cugat del Vallès; the Esther Monturiol Gallery; the Lab36, from Galeria Senda; the Sala Parés; the Aparador22, in Girona; the Volart and Can Framis spaces, from the Vila Casas Foundation; the Felícia Fuster Foundation, or the Setba Foundation. And internationally he has also participated in group exhibitions in Bologna (Italy) and Tsukuba (Japan).

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Adrià Gamero and the "Construction of a mock-up", at the House of Culture in Girona

The cycle: Traveling Exhibitions

Traveling Exhibitions is part of the itinerant exhibition program promoted by the Girona County Council with the aim of making quality exhibition proposals available to the municipalities, and is one of the most well-established projects in the set of cultural activities it organizes.

It is a program of itinerant exhibitions that has been running since 2004. The initiative was born with the desire to offer exhibitions to the towns and cities of Girona's counties so that they form part of their cultural programming, without no financial cost to them.

The aim of the Traveling Exhibitions program is to bring art and culture closer to the public, to promote artistic creation and to promote synergies and links of collaboration between the different professionals and specialists in the field of art in the Girona regions.

The Diputació de Girona organizes the exhibitions and covers the costs of publishing the catalogues, presentations, dissemination, transport and assembly. He also produces other types of supplementary materials for the exhibition, such as the editing of a video report focusing on the artist's work, language and aesthetics, which will also form part of the exhibition and which will help the 'spectator to understand the show.

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