XII Xavier Miserachs Photography Biennial

XII Xavier Miserachs Photography Biennial
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bonart - palafrugell - 30/08/22

From July 30 to October 9, 2022, Palafrugell hosts the XII Xavier Miserachs Photography Biennial.

In this twelfth edition, the Biennale presents the first retrospective in the State of Sabine Weiss (1924-2021), legend of French humanist photography. His works are part of several collections around the world, such as the Museums of Modern Art in New York and Kyoto, the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Art Institute of Chicago. The exhibition brings together almost 120 images representative of her career and selected by the author herself, who died last December.

Among the rest of the exhibitions, tribute will be paid to the figure of Ferran Freixa. He is the author of the generation of Catalan photographers of the seventies, and you can see the exhibition Tornar al Marroc: a travel diary that collects unpublished photographs from two stays that the author made there in 1987 and 1992. There is also they will be able to see, among others, an exhibition dedicated to Antoni Campañà and another commemorating the centenary of Francesc Català-Roca. Regarding the first, a selection of photographs focusing on the role of women during the Civil War will be gathered. As for Català-Roca, the Biennale organizes and produces the exhibition Women, with more than 60 copies and which brings us closer to the author's view of women.

The Xavier Miserachs Photography Biennale has also prepared a program of free activities with an extensive program of free complementary activities. For example, there will be a debate between photojournalists Sandra Balsells and Emilio Morenatti on the ethics and practice of photojournalism; the presentation of the project Quan tot s'enfonsa, by Anna Surinyach and Agus Morales and the screening of the documentary The Red Box. Antoni Campaña's infinite war.

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