Call for the 17th edition of the Ciutat d'Amposta Art Biennial

Call for the 17th edition of the Ciutat d'Amposta Art Biennial
bonart amposta - 19/07/22

The call for the 17th edition of the Ciutat d'Amposta Art Biennial is open to all adult artists residing in Spain until 31 July. They will be able to present a maximum of four works of thematic and free technique, that have to be original and unpublished, and cannot have been selected nor awarded in any other contest.

The City of Amposta Art Biennial (BIAM) is a state-wide prize that is announced every two years and has an economic endowment of 5,000 euros. The other artists who will be part of the BIAM22 exhibition, due to having been selected, will receive the amount of 400 euros taxes included each.

The jury will be made up of at least three professionals from the world of art and the Director of the Lo Pati Art Center of Amposta City Council, who will act as secretary with a voice but no vote. They will be in charge of selecting the works that will be part of the exhibition of the seventeenth edition of the BIAM and will choose the winning work.

The BIAM has evolved over the previous sixteen editions (1989-2020) as a powerful showcase of the country's emerging creation, consolidating itself as a thermostat of artistic activity at the state level with respect to contemporary creation, as well as measuring the temperature of the different artistic and conceptual orientations that gain prominence from the different creative fields, combining emerging and consolidated artists and agglutinating proposals of high level and names of recognized trajectory.

Artists such as Susy Gómez, Javier Peñafiel, Raquel Friera, Diana Rovira, Xavier Ristol, Pablo Bellot, Rafael G. Bianchi, Nuria Güell, Ian Waelder, Anna have passed as a key event within the national artistic circuit throughout these 17 editions. Dot, Matteo Guidi, Abel Jaramillo, Daniel De La Barra, David Ortiz, Olga Olivera, Mario Santamaría, Elena Aitzkoa, Lúa Coderch, Fermín Jimenez Landa; among others; and critics and curators such as David Armengol, Sabel Gavaldón, Gerardo Peral, Amanda Cuesta, Montse Badia, Carles Guerra, David G. Torres, Carles Duran, Frederic Montornés, Cèlia del Diego, Oriol Fontdevila, Florenci Guntin, Ferran Barenblit, Juan Canela, Manuel Olveira, Martí Manen, Núria Enguita, Alexandra Laudo, Marc Navarro, Rosa Lleó or Hiuwai Chu.

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