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Inauguration of CaixaForum Valencia

Inauguration of CaixaForum Valencia
bonart valencia - 22/06/22

On June 22, Caixaforum opens a new center in the city of Valencia. Work on CaixaForum Valencia began in 2018 inside the Àgora building, a large covered square designed by Santiago Calatrava that is located in the complex of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, between the bridge Assut de the Gold and the Oceanogràfic.

The project is the work of the Cloud 9 studio and was directed by the architect Enric Ruiz-Geli. The main feature of this added enclave is the empowerment of the concept of the Agora - understood as a surface open to dialogue and cultural activity - as well as environmental sustainability. The center is located in the spectacular Agora building of the City of Arts and Sciences: a large covered square designed by Santiago Calatrava that will also add to its ecosystem two permanent sculptures by Valencian artists Inma Femenía and Anna Talens.

The center has a usable area of 6,500 square meters and has two large exhibition halls located on the ground floor. It also has multipurpose classrooms, an auditorium, family and educational spaces, a bookstore and a restaurant.

The cultural offer is wide: from art exhibitions, cycles of conferences, concerts and shows, to social days and educational and family workshops aimed at all ages. From the beginning, CaixaForum has established itself as the cultural standard of the ”la Caixa” Foundation and has positioned itself as one of the undisputed benchmarks in terms of access to and dissemination of culture. The institution's determined commitment to the dissemination of knowledge, culture and science as agents of social improvement translates into a style of project that is recognizable and assimilated by the public. Each of the CaixaForum centers throughout Spain has been conceived in line with this project identity and each is characterized by a differentiating architecture and personality and by establishing an important link in relation to the citizens.

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