Artur Ramon Art presents "El fons de la mirada" by Leopold Samsó


Artur Ramon Art presents "El fons de la mirada" by Leopold Samsó

bonart barcelona - 02/06/22
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The Artur Ramon Art Art Gallery inaugurates the exhibition El fons de la mirada, an exhibition that recovers the photographs of Leopold Samsó from Barcelona in the 1970s and 1980s. This new commitment coincides with and is part of the third edition of the Sant Cugat Light Festival, dedicated to photography. The background can be visited from June 9 to July 22.

Known mostly for his portraits of personalities from the world of culture and art, Leopold Samsó began his career in photography in the 1960s. Through these black and white images that can be seen in Artur Ramon Art, the artist captures different stories and moments of Barcelona from 40 years ago through the camera and the gaze of the photographer.

"Before I became a photographer, I think I was a contemplator. I can be on a terrace all morning watching people and not get bored. I think I came to photography through contemplation ", explains Samsó in an interview with José Aristizábal made especially for the exhibition.

The images that make up El fondo de la mirada are serene, intimate reflections in which light and framing - typical of a Renaissance artist - lead us to the contemplation that Leopold Samsó has been practicing for decades. It is the moment when depth and superficiality subtly merge with the present. Unlike the preference for color in the 70's and 80's, the Barcelona photographer opts for the difference. He is the one who adapts to the person photographed, who takes advantage of natural light and opts for the contrasts of black and white.

In the words of Manolo Laguillo, author of the text of the exhibition, “If Leopold Samsó complicates life at each and every stage of the photographic process be in an environment that is familiar to you and that the photographer does not change at all; on the contrary, it integrates it with its plastic and visual characteristics into the composition of the photograph ”. As a result, "photographs end up looking easy, natural, simple."

In short, the background of the gaze is a corpus of photographs endowed with its own style, recognizable and unmistakable full of portraits that bear witness to an era, pre-Olympic Barcelona. The collection of the gaze, by Leopold Samsó, can be visited from June 9 to July 22 in the space that the gallery has at its headquarters in Carrer Bailèn, in the heart of Barcelona's Eixample. On the other hand, the Sant Cugat Light Festival will take place in Sant Cugat from June 11 to July 17 and will revolve around the concept of the limit.

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