Casall Solleric presents "Echo-Sound Art and Experimental Music in Mallorca"


Casall Solleric presents "Echo-Sound Art and Experimental Music in Mallorca"

bonart palm - 12/04/22
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The Casal Solleric opens on April 13 the exhibition Echo-Sound Art and Experimental Music in Mallorca , an approach to sound art and experimental music in Mallorca from 1970 to the present. Curated by the director of the Museu de la Música de Barcelona, Jordi Alomar, the exhibition covers various artistic manifestations, from documents and audiovisuals to works of art. In addition, for the first time, a joint vision of areas and problems is proposed.

The Deputy Mayor for Culture and Social Welfare, Antoni Noguera; the general director of Visual Arts, Aina Bausà; the general coordinator of Culture, Miquel Àngel Contreras; Jordi Alomar and some of the participating artists have presented the exhibition that can be visited until June 26.

"Jordi Alomar has shown us that sound art and experimental music in Mallorca make up a very rich field that must be valued and made visible," said Bausà, as well as highlighting "the large number of artists" who are there. participate in this “kaleidoscopic exhibition”.

For his part, Alomar has considered that "justice must be done to the sound heritage" of the Islands. "I am very happy that the call of two years ago, in the midst of the pandemic, has welcomed this proposal so well and that everything has been able to come together in a space as emblematic as the Casal Solleric," he added, in addition to highlighting the high number of participating artists: “35 with exhibited work, 60 if they count the recorded audios”.

Finally, Noguera pointed out that "public spaces must also be places for reflection and research". “Connecting the visual arts with sound art and experimental music is an example. It's about treating culture as an ecosystem where everything is connected, "he added.

The exhibition follows the imprint and reverberation of John Cage's stay in Mallorca - as part of his trip to Europe in 1930. In fact, his writings testify that the times he spent on the island, which he was decisive for his vocation as a composer: in Mallorca he wrote music for the first time and chose the path of sound exploration.

Each Echo proposal proposes a radical way of understanding sound as a phenomenon that alters the environment: from its absence, footprint, utopian projection or from the appropriation and manipulation of technical reproduction systems. It should be noted that this project, which has been produced in collaboration with the ACA Foundation, was born from the call for creation and research projects 2020.

Participating artists: Llorenç Barber, Guillaume Barth, Bennàsser-Colom, Besllum (Pau Caracuel and Joana Maria Pericàs), Bartomeu Cabot, Antoni Caimari, Xavier Carbonell, Ramon Codina, Neus Estarellas, Júlia Febrer, Agustí Fernández, Tolo Garcies, Ferran García Sevilla , Xavier Gelabert, Joana Gomila and Laia Vallès, Txema González, Damià Huguet, Miquel Àngel Joan «Llonovoy», Montserrat Llabrés, Víctor Moragues, Biel Oliver (AKA Sociedades en Tetra Brik), Jaume C. Pons Alorda, Kake Portas, Joan Roig , Xesca Salvà, Eudardo Scala, Joan Serra, Pedro «Trotz», Marc Vilanova, Margalida Villalonga, Wolf Vostell.

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