"Blue Earth" by Lourdes Fisa at Benedormiens Castle

"Blue Earth" by Lourdes Fisa at Benedormiens Castle
bonart castell d'aro - 02/04/22

Benedormiens Castle-Castell d'Aro hosts the temporary painting exhibition by Lourdes Fisa entitled Terra Blava. In this exhibition, Fisa presents a selection of his work from a cross-sectional approach, covering various stages and themes. The artist takes two main lines of his work as the core of the exhibition: the land, on the one hand, and the water, on the other. These are two symbolic but also sensory elements that form the backbone of his pictorial sensibility. And between the warmth and solidity of the earth and the fluidity of the water, Fisa's work extends over time as a constant plastic exploration that investigates concepts related to nature and also to humanity: the fragility, strength, pain, light, travel, movement, among others.

The center of the work, as well as the artist's career, focuses on a work of abstraction that draws on certain material qualities of informalist painting or abstract expressionism, but incorporates elements of his training as engraver, who has always continued to work to a greater or lesser extent to this day. He uses it as his main technique but also as a basic technique on which to influence painting. The mixture of techniques is something that has been applied naturally, using them as an instrument for exploring style and form, which are ultimately the main expressive material to which it is delivered. If we take for example this influence of informalism as a reference to analyze his work, we will immediately find that informalism has very little, as its entire aesthetic trajectory shows a tendency to order, to a certain reunion. of the geometry that is imposed in spite of the expressiveness and the gesture pursued in the attack of the surface. It is as if Fisa started from an intact and essential impulse that then needs to be tidied up slightly, located in a space. According to art critic Alexandre Roa, “it is precisely this direction that gives strength to expression and gesture; otherwise, we would be faced with an exercise in mere flooding with no connection between the creative act and the gaze. The artist is aware that it is necessary, albeit intuitively, to establish a bridge between the creative energy and the gaze of the receiver. The work, in short, aims at this dialogue ”.

The exhibition can be visited until May 8, 2022 on weekends and holidays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 5 to 8 p.m. in the evening.

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