"Piece of woman" vindicates the role of women throughout history

"Piece of woman" vindicates the role of women throughout history
bonart l'espluga de francolí - 27/03/23

On March 31 at 6:30 p.m., the Rural Life Museum opens the new temporary exhibition of its own production, Pieces of a Woman. The theme of the exhibition, which will be the focus of much of the Museum's activity in 2023, focuses on reclaiming the role of women throughout history by highlighting the many daily tasks necessary for sustenance of life; often invisible, but essential tasks. Tasks that need new perspectives to achieve a different future with real co-responsibility. In this way, the Museum wants to put the emphasis on gender equality and the empowerment of women that is covered by SDG5.

Curated by Anna Maria Andevert, Tros de dona was born as a result of a research project promoted by the Museum and carried out by Catalina Gayà Morlà, Judith Ruiz Crosas and Laia Seró Moreno on the presence of women in the Museum's permanent exhibition . As a result of this research and a joint work with forty women from the immediate environment, it is evident that the ethnological account puts the focus on material and productive tasks, overshadowing those vital and essential such as reproductive tasks . That is why the aim of this exhibition is to recognize the value of all these tasks but also the importance of the role of women in educational, affective, environmental, health, physical, social and domestic matters.

The exhibition is structured in four areas (house, street, body and land) and, in addition to a large number of pieces from the Museum's collection (some never exhibited until now) it will be possible to find installations arts, video art, sculptures, engravings, photographs or infographics, among other disciplines.

During the tour, the ethnographic and historical pieces will dialogue with contemporary artistic works by creators such as the photographer Joana Biarnés, the artists Maria Ruido, Anna Dot, Mercedes Pimiento, Beatrice Bizot, Mònica Galera or the collective of women artists Leftovers. The inauguration will be attended by the curator of the exhibition, Anna Maria Andevert, the director of the Carulla Foundation, Marta Esteve, and the director of the Museum of Rural Life, Gemma Carbó. There will also be an artistic intervention by the group of female artists Leftovers. Tros de dona can be visited until February 4, 2024.


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