LaTroca. Meeting of young creators of digital content in Catalan

LaTroca. Meeting of young creators of digital content in Catalan
bonart palm - 14/10/22

LaTroca, the meeting of young creators of digital content in Catalan, will take place this Saturday at Teatre Xesc Forteza in Palma. Registrations, which are already close to a hundred, can be made at dgpoling.caib.cat. LaTroca wants to be an annual meeting place to share experiences, generate projects and grow the network of creators of digital content in Catalan.

The program, which will start in the morning and last until the evening, includes several round tables where young people who generate and share content in Catalan on digital platforms and networks will speak. There will be tiktokers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, video game players, streamers and podcast promoters from all over the Catalan Countries. There will also be a concert by the RapRural group. The day can be followed live online through the IB Catalan Language YouTube channel.

LaTroca is an initiative promoted by the Language Policy areas of the Government of the Balearic Islands, the Generalitat Valenciana and the Generalitat de Catalunya within the framework of the Palma Declaration. The main objectives are to promote the panorama of digital creation in Catalan and to broaden and strengthen the community of young creators who express themselves in this language through the networks, fostering the relationship and knowledge between young people from the different territories.

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