"Fragments of his magnet" by Cristóbal Ortega at the Miguel Marcos Gallery


"Fragments of his magnet" by Cristóbal Ortega at the Miguel Marcos Gallery

bonart barcelona - 24/05/22

From Saturday 21 May at 11 am, the Malaga artist Cristóbal Ortega (Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga, 1970) presents his temporary exhibition Fragments on his Magnet at the Miguel Marcos Gallery in Barcelona. Ortega, who lives and works between Beijing and Malaga, has been studying architecture at the University of Seville, devoting himself professionally to painting since the 1990s.

In 2010, after an exhibition at the Cervantes Institute in Beijing, he decided to move to China. His work is characterized by the representation of successions of pictorial notes of various timbres and forms, harmonized as in a captivating score.

The artist uses a technique that starts with sweating, that is, sweating oil through the thin layers of linen, which is why Ortega calls his paintings "Sweating". On the other hand, the visitor can appreciate the colors that are intermingled in his works and interact with each other generating synergies and various movements. The essence of his paintings arises from the harmonization of opposites, impetus and restraint, expression and formality, background and form, what lies deep and what moves on the surface. , from what Deleuze called the haptic.

This exhibition can be visited until June 2022.

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