"If there is a consensus, Barcelona can be a sub-site of the Prado Museum"


"If there is a consensus, Barcelona can be a sub-site of the Prado Museum"

bonart barcelona - 18/12/21
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The Círculo Ecuestre is holding the second edition of By Invitation, its modern and contemporary art exhibition, from 15 to 19 December. As part of this initiative, several conferences have been organized to talk about current events in the world of art and culture.

Within this cycle, the Círculo Ecuestre has received Miguel Falomir, director of the Museo del Prado, who has held a conversation with the director of the supplement Cultura de La Vanguardia, Sergio Vila-Sanjuán. Antonio Delgado, president of the Círculo Ecuestre, was in charge of welcoming the speakers. Behind him, Enrique Lacalle, vice president of the Equestrian Circle, made the usual presentation of the participants.

One of the main topics addressed during the session was the question of the possibility of Barcelona having a sub-headquarters of the Prado Museum, even more so after the signing this year that accredits the co-capital of Barcelona in terms of culture and science. For Falomir, it is a possibility that "may arise, but there must be a climate of unanimity in accepting the presence of the Museo del Prado, which has not always been the case." Falomir added that the Prado Museum has a “wonderful” relationship with Catalonia and highlighted the deposits that El Prado has in the territory, the “close relationship” that the art gallery maintains with the MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia) or the program traveling exhibitions, the “star” exhibition of which is always held in Barcelona and later broken by the rest of the capitals of Catalonia. However, Falomir concluded the matter by saying that at the moment "there is no unanimity for the creation of a sub-headquarters" and, therefore, it is an issue that for now he considers "distant".

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