New York University and the Rafael Masó Foundation present the program of the III International Symposium on Noucentisme

New York University and the Rafael Masó Foundation present the program of the III International Symposium on Noucentisme
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The III International Symposium on Noucentisme will be held on April 13 and 14 at New York University (NYU), in two days that will bring together numerous experts from Catalonia, Madrid, Italy and the United States. The third edition of the Symposium will be dedicated to the study of different aspects of the plastic arts, literature and politics of the Catalan Noucentisme in relation to the Italian Novecento. Although these two cultural movements are not exactly simultaneous and differ in many aspects, some recent studies have brought to light numerous similarities and relationships between Catalan and Italian artists and writers of the time that the Symposium wants to highlight because they show a cultural richness and history that has largely gone unnoticed until now.

The program of the Symposium includes four presentations, by Laura Moure Cecchini, from the University of Padua; by Margarida Casacuberta, from the University of Girona; by Javier Pérez Segura, from the Complutense University of Madrid; and Elena Pontiggia, from the Polytechnic of Milan. In addition, numerous communications will be presented, with representatives from the Pompeu Fabra University, the University of Princeton, the University of Toronto, the University of Venice, the Escola Normal Superior de Pisa, the John Cabot University of Rome, from the University of Barcelona and the Open University of Catalonia. On the Catalan side, renowned specialists such as Vinyet Panyella, director of the CoNCA; Josep M. Muñoz, director of L'Avenç ; and Xavier Castanyer, director of the Josep Aragay Museum in Breda.

The organization of the III Symposium has been carried out between the Zerilli-Marimò Italian House of NYU, the KJCC of NYU, and the Rafael Masó Foundation, with the collaboration of the Ramon Llull Institute, the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, the Department of Italian Studies, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures, and the NYU Department of Experimental Humanities and Social Engagement. We have also had the help of the North-American Catalan Society and the Anglo-Catalan Society. The directors of the Symposium are Professor Ara H. Merjian, from the Department of Italian Studies at NYU, and the director of the Rafael Masó Foundation, Jordi Falgàs.

The first edition of the International Symposium on Noucentism was held in Sitges and Barcelona in 2014; and the second in Girona in 2017. The Rafael Masó Foundation has participated or collaborated in the organization of all editions of the Symposium, as it is considered one of the essential instruments to promote knowledge and research on Noucentisme in the national and international sphere.

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