The Canals gallery is celebrating its forty-ninth anniversary

The Canals gallery is celebrating its forty-ninth anniversary
bonart - sant cugat del vallès - 02/09/22

On September 10, the Canals gallery celebrates its forty-ninth anniversary with an open day, starting at 8 p.m. The visit to the gallery will be led by the art commentator Clara Garriga who will take a tour of the current exhibition by Sergi Barnils, on poems by Gabriel Ferrater, and also through the different dependencies of the gallery which is located in a house of town of the year 1940, (first urban expansion of Sant Cugat), behind the Royal Monastery. In the different spaces of the gallery, works by artists such as Tom Carr, Ràfols-Casamada, Mª Assumpció Raventós, Conxa Ibáñez, Francesc Casademont, Vicenç Viaplana, Romà Vallès, JP Viladecans, Pep Agut, Pere Formiguera, Josep Royo, Grau Garriga, Alfred X. Balasch and Josep Guinovart, among others.

Since its beginnings, the Canals gallery has been a great defender of Catalan art both here and abroad. The artistic avant-garde is still provocative today, and it is not too popular to understand the renewal, which the creators bring to today's society. That is why this season we will focus on exhibiting the work of some of the artists who live and work in the city and who have achieved international recognition.

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