Espai Carmen Thyssen opens the digital exhibition "(In)visible"


Espai Carmen Thyssen opens the digital exhibition "(In)visible"

bonart sant feliu de guíxols - 11/08/22

From August 5 to 15 you can visit the digital art exhibition (In)visible, Digital Exhibition, Bits of Carmen Thyssen in Plaça de l'Abadia (outside the Monastery of Sant Feliu de Guíxols).

This exhibition is an important challenge and a great contribution to the project of the future Museum. Since 2012, the Carmen Thyssen Space has been working on different aspects of the collection and its signifiers, offering the public different ways to approach art, always bearing in mind two main objectives: to in value the Collection of Catalan paintings, the soul of the future museum, and explain it in a 21st century voice. Creativity is the embryo of this proposal, which has taken shape in a digital exhibition from which to explain the new space of the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Sant Feliu de Guíxols and the Catalan painting collection. The artistic, audiovisual and technical creation of this exhibition was carried out by nueveojos and was curated by Pilar Giró.

A total of 33 representative works have been selected from the set of authors that make up the Catalan painting section of the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza collection. All of them, except for one by Josep Amat, have on occasion been physically seen at the Carmen Thyssen Space. This decision is in line with the work it has been doing since 2012, bringing the Catalan collection closer to the public and opening the door to everything that is to come.

Inside this outdoor and open-air museum of light, virtual walls are created on which the images of the paintings will be projected. The works will appear progressively, until a maximum of three works can be viewed simultaneously. The exhibition discourse has been constructed as if the visitor were really inside the museum, visiting the different rooms organized both by theme and by the aesthetic dialogue between the different pieces. It is in this way that the viewer is invited to a sensitive and emotional journey through art.

On the other hand, the guiding thread of the exhibition is a tribute to pictorial art. For the presentation, the narrative of the 33 works is distributed in 11 aesthetic dialogues organized in 3 thematic areas.

The first takes the landscape and the viewer as protagonists; the second group starts from the human figure as a link between the painted scene and the viewer; while the third group is made up of works inspired by sea, beach and summer images.

For her part, Pilar Giró has created a poem dedicated to pictorial art on which the guiding thread of the exhibition's narrative is based.

(In)visible, a play on words

El títol de l'exposició (In)visible és un joc de paraules que funciona en català, castellà, francès i anglès. At the same time, it has a double meaning, as it pays tribute to pictorial art from its deepest essence: the light without which everything becomes invisible.

On the one hand, the title is inspired by Paul Klee's famous phrase "art makes visible what is not", showing the pieces that will be physically there in the museum. In addition, (In)visible also refers to the concepts that Gombrich developed in his treatise Art and Illusion and in Panofsky's reflections on the aesthetic significance of light. On the other hand, following in the footsteps of Malraux's Imaginary Museum, but this time instead of physical photographs, here it is a digital exhibition built with light, achieving an immersion in the visible of the invisible, inviting transfiguration of the feeling of excitement that is projected from the works of art. For this reason (In) is in brackets, phonetically "invisible", graphically "in the visible", seeking to enhance both meanings through visual poetry, uniting creation and technology.

Entry to the exhibition is free and visiting hours are from 10pm to 12am in the municipality's Plaça de l'Abadia.

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