Rosa Brugat and Pilar Bonet present "The Hypertopic Eye" at the Alalimón Gallery


Rosa Brugat and Pilar Bonet present "The Hypertopic Eye" at the Alalimón Gallery

bonart barcelona - 14/02/23
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On February 15 from 19:30 in the evening Rosa Brugat and Pilar Bonet present the photo book entitled L'Ull hypertopic del far. According to Brugat this eye "refers to a form of strabismus (one of the eyes looks up) metaphorically towards the stars, towards the unknown". Brugat chooses the lighthouses with which he has connected to make a free, distorted and even phantasmagorical interpretation of the environment and how these constructions fit into their landscape and function.

On the other hand, on Saturday 25 February from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Rotor Estudio, formed by Ángeles Angulo and Román Torre, will explain to the participants the phases of creating a project like theirs, focusing attention on the practical side . The moment they materialize in a piece like the Exobiomes, which give the exhibition its title.

The final goal of this workshop is to make a series of small sculptures based on topographies of our solar system. The different "biomes" will be created by each participant or group of participants and they can take them home. The duration of the workshop will be two hours and it is organized by boys and girls from 6-7 years old up to ninety years old adults. A companion is recommended for children under the age of ten. Registrations can be made through the website of the Alalimón gallery.

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