Comic Barcelona celebrates its 40th anniversary


Comic Barcelona celebrates its 40th anniversary

bonart barcelona - 06/05/22

Comic Barcelona celebrates its 40th anniversary with an edition that aims to attract all kinds of audiences, from family or occasional to the usual fan. Its extensive program will include a series of events around this remarkable anniversary, with an exhibition as a backbone that will review the trajectory of the festival since its inception, with chronological information on artists, exhibitions, facts and anecdotes, highlighting a selection of photographs that reflect the passage of time, where authors of yesterday and today can meet, as well as see the atmosphere and the fans.

This same exhibition has a second block dedicated to reviewing everything that has happened in the world of comics since the first edition of the Salon took place, proposing a historical vision of the evolution of this art in parallel, il Illustrated with a timeline indicating some of the most important events of these four decades.

This exhibition will be complemented by several round tables, scheduled in the Sala Comic 4, which will review these 40 years of the history of the Salon and the history of comics in our borders, with some of its main protagonists: award-winning authors , publishers, collaborators, disseminators ... Thus, we will talk about comics and their authorship and evolution in different eras, debating topics such as what it means to make the Barcelona Comic poster. Obviously, the origin of the event will be present with some of its promoters. On this 40th anniversary, the focus has also been on the world of national authorship, which is why this year Comic Barcelona has more guests than never, with a long list of national artists, probably the longest ever made with local guests. All of them will take part in meetings, round tables and other activities and will also be attended by Jacques Tardi, Peter Bagge, Brecht Evens and Kat Leyh among other internationally recognized stars.

Apart from the exhibition of the 40th anniversary, in this 40th edition of Comic Barcelona, you can also see an exhibition dedicated to the work of Aroha Travé, author who won the Author / Revelation Award of the last edition.

An award that has changed its name this year. From now on, this award is named after Miguel Gallardo, a very important author in our history of comics and also closely linked to the Salon itself, which he left us this year. But Gallardo will be very present in this edition thanks to the exhibition that the show has dedicated to him and also to the screening of the documentary “María y yo”. At a time when the art of cartoons is becoming more and more present in cultural life, comics are attracting more and more readers of different ages.

With this idea in mind, 40 Comic Barcelona wants to strengthen this year the Comic Kids section, designed for an audience between 5 and 12 years old, with proposals that can be enjoyed with the whole family: drawing workshops, storytelling, exhibitions, and also meetings with authors of children's and youth comics.

The space also has regular sections such as Comic Play, with different proposals for having fun through comics, Comic Xapa, a service to turn children's drawings into plates, and ComicTeca, where you can read some of the latest in children's and youth comics. A way to share the passion for comics with the little ones in the house.

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